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Celestial - Wearables
Alice in Wonderland - Wearables
Cats - Wearables
Dogs - Wearables
Wildlife - Wearables
Booklovers - Wearables
Bunnies - Wearables
Fairies - Wearables
Horses - Wearables
Mermaids - Wearables
Fantasy - Wearables
Hands - Wearables
Dragons - Wearables
The Feminine Spirit - Wearables
Trees - Wearables
Bees - Wearables
Birds - Wearables
Whimsical Animals - Wearables
Lighthouses - Wearables
Dragonflies & Butterflies - Wearables
Frogs - Wearables
Christmas - Wearables


Welcome to our Website. We are working on new designs and frames. They will be ready soon so keep checking back. Some of our pieces from the shows are not listed, but will be soon. Click the picture links below or the individual categories listed on the left to see all of our work.

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