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Original Scrimshaw Gallery
Money Clips
Small Chip Carved Frames
Misc Size Frames
Painted Mosaic Wood Frames
Necklaces with chains - Wearables
Celestial - Wearables
Alice in Wonderland - Wearables
Cats - Wearables
Dogs - Wearables
Wildlife - Wearables
Booklovers - Wearables
Bunnies and Teddies - Wearables
Faith and Inspiration - Wearables
Fairies - Wearables
Horses - Wearables
Mermaids - Wearables
Fantasy - Wearables
Hands - Wearables
Dragons - Wearables
Women of Wonder - Wearables
Trees - Wearables
Bees - Wearables
Birds - Wearables
Whimsical Animals - Wearables
Lighthouses and Nantucket - Wearables
Dragonflies Butterflies Beetles- Wearables
Frogs - Wearables
Christmas - Wearables

We are working on our schedule for this year.
Please call or email until we have all dates listed.

Tree of Life Artworks
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